Charles Fey, an auto mechanic, made the first machine that earned money directly to the player, in 1895. It was a nickel machine that had three reels and 10 symbols on each reel. The symbols were card suits like diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. Fifth symbol: the Liberty Bell. If three liberty bells were arranged, the winner received 10 coins. From that moment slot machines became an integral part of clubs and casinos.

They remained popular until the end of the 1960’s, when electronic games began to emerge. The mid-80’s saw the microchip introduced major changes in the design and more complex games such as ones with bonus rounds were created from that. The original intention behind slot machines PG SLOT for casinos was to entertain women and girls engaged while men were doing serious gambling. Today, the vast majority of income to casinos is generated by slot machines with pit games in second place. The slot machines are greatly regarded by casinos for their revenue. Little attention is necessary when the machine is in the floor, with the exception to empty the bill tray every night and refill the coins or tickets with paper.

Casino patrons love slot machines and can occasionally be lucky. Many don’t know that there are methods to boost your chances of winning when playing on the slot machines.

1. Check out the area around the casino. Frequently you’ll see ATM’s and Cash out machines busy in different areas. You can check to see if a lot of people are withdrawing or cashing on slot tickets. If they cash in tickets, go to this area to play. If you’re playing at casinos that use coins, listen for the sound of coins that is tinkling inside the tray. In most cases, the highest payouts are located in trafficked areas.

2. Be sure to check the denomination before you place your bet. There’s a huge difference from 5 cents to 5 bucks.

3. Find out which machine that has the highest payout. Sometimes, a brand new slot is more profitable program that is later changed after the players have embraced it.

4. Watch out for Black screens. Today casinos can change payments remotely, and it’s allowed in most states. The law says that they must wait until four minutes have passed since last coin played. A black screen appears and informs the player that there were changes. The machine will not accept coins for the duration of 4 minutes.

5. Check the payout. Today’s penny slots are now actually quarter and dollar slots. If you play on all lines in a multi-line device or play the maximum amount of coins. Find out if the most lucrative payout justifies the amount you insert. If not, rather than using pennies, you should switch to dollars. While winning isn’t as frequent, it’s significantly higher.

6. Read, read, and read the payout charts. Some machines don’t increase the prize in multiples. For instance, if use certain dollar machines and get a huge prize on one coin the value could be 1/3 of three coins, or a lot less. If it doesn’t matter how proportionally in the number of coins you playwith, limit yourself to one coin if you’re running out of money.

7. Make sure you play maximum coins whenever you are required. Certain machines pay for specific wins on the first, while others pay on other varieties on the second and every winning combination on the third one, like Blazing 7’s. When you play machines that have multiple lines, bet on all lines.

8. Search for machines in banks that advertise higher paybacks. As per law, each machine at a bank has to make the payment advertised.

9. Always make sure to use your player’s card. It calculates the number of coins put into the machines , and offers comps and cash back based on your play. You may get a free buffet from your game, no matter if you win or lose. It can be a nice bonus to the day or your most costly meals had.

10. Have a break. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t chase your losses. Find a different way to play and when it feels better try playing again.

11. Don’t play a slot machine with credits or an untipped chair in the front. The call of nature or the ATM might be calling and players take their machines off. Many leave a jacket or tip the chair. Others leave a few credits on the machine or coins in the well to signify the location for their return. If a machine is flashing and no one is sitting at the table, that person has won a jackpot , and frequently plays another machine while waiting until they can find an assistant. Sit down only if you are looking to provoke. Pay attention before you sit down.

12. Check your cash in and come out. Sometimes, the bill reader will spit back the money, and it falls on the floor. If you aren’t paying close attention, you’ll either lose the money or contact an attendant to get it back for nothing. Do not forget to cash it out. If you don’t want to pay a ticket in cash for $.19 Take it with you and then feed it into the machine next to you.

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