Andros Island Bahamas – A Nature Lovers Paradise

Andros Island is an archipelago located in the Bahamas. It is the largest island in the Bahamas and is larger than all other islands combined. You can visit this island for its stunning beaches and turquoise water, as well as its historical significance. In fact, Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas, with an area larger than the combined area of all other 700 islands in the Bahamian chain. The island’s natural beauty has made it a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike.North Andros Island in Andros Town, Bahamas (Google Maps)

Andros Island has been home to pirates for centuries and in 1713, the country declared the island a Republic of Pirates. The North Andros coast has several locations, including Morgan’s Bluff and Morgan’s Cave, named after the famous privateer-pirate and rum maker Henry Morgan. Another island in the Bahamas, South Andros is the home of pirates who raided Spanish treasure galleons. As a result, pirates established a settlement andros island bahamas in South Andros.

On the island, visitors will find a variety of ecosystems that are both close to shore and offshore. These include tidal blue holes, shallow sand flats, mud flats, mangrove forests, and a 6000-foot drop-off. Andros also contains massive freshwater aquifers. A visit to Andros will leave you amazed at the beauty and diversity of the island’s natural landscape.

The west coast of Andros has a multitude of bays, channels, and inlets. You can dive the deep blue waters of the Great Bahama Bank and admire the pristine coastal wetlands. Andros is also home to nine species of orchids and over 50 species of wild fish. The island is home to a variety of sea turtles and several endangered species of snakes. You can even watch the majestic turtles in the Bahamas while you’re on vacation.

While Andros island is the largest Bahamian island, it’s the least explored and undeveloped. With its countless blue holes, lush pine forests, and labyrinthine creeks, this unspoiled island is a true nature lover’s paradise. The island also boasts numerous activities, enticing gastronomy, and a rich cultural heritage. Andros Island Bahamas is a paradise, with a lot to offer to nature lovers and the avid scuba diver alike.

The climate on Andros Island is tropical, with two distinct seasons: summer/wet (May-November) and winter/dry (December-April). During mid-summer, temperatures average around 27oC/81°F/80°F, while winters are much cooler, with temperatures ranging from 21oC/70°F. There are four paved runways in Andros. Andros Town International Airport is the international port of entry for private charter planes. LeAir offers daily flights to both of the islands.

The most popular resort on Andros is the Small Hope Bay Lodge, where the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, learned how to scuba dive. The Bahamas’ most famous diving spot, Morgan’s Bluff, was the site of a pirate’s treasure. The Fofar Field Station, dedicated to tropical ecology, is located on Stafford Creek. The fresh creek beach is a great spot for bonefishing. The Androsia Batik Factory is a must-visit stop for visitors. The Bahamian cloth produced at the Androsia batik factory is vibrant, and is a perfect souvenir.

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